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Shields vs Dicaire: Live streaming results, round by round, how to watch online, start time, full card info

Claressa Shields takes on Marie-Eve Dicaire for the undisputed crown at 154 lbs tonight in Michigan.

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  • Claressa Shields UD-10 Marie-Eve Dicaire (100-90, 100-90, 100-90) [Recap]
  • Danielle Perkins UD-8 Monika Harrison (80-72, 80-72, 80-72) [Recap]
  • Jamie Mitchell TKO-5 Noemi Bosques (1:49) [Recap]
  • Marlen Esparza UD-6 Shelly Barnett (60-53, 60-53, 60-54) [Recap]
  • Timur Kerefov TKO-3 Manny Woods [Recap]

Round by Round

Claressa Shields vs Marie-Eve Dicaire

Round 1: Shields with the first good shot, then the next two good shots, but Dicaire gets a counter in, they both throw with some intent for a moment. Lead right from Shields. Counter left from Shields. Dicaire has a ton of jittery energy, Shields is very relaxed. Shields with a right. Shields 10-9

Round 2: Right hand from Shields, a wide, winging shot, but it got there, Dicaire didn’t react in time. Shields jabbing. Dicaire still a lot of nervous movement. Left to the body from the southpaw Dicaire, counter right from Shields backs her off. Shields really looks like she’s hunting a bit here, she’s standing her ground and daring Dicaire to come in, and when Dicaire doesn’t, she eventually throws first. Dicaire tries a left, doesn’t get there. Shields wants to counter if she can, but leading if she must. Right hand from Shields. Her footwork is a lot better than Dicaire’s. Dicaire comes in, eats another counter. And another. Shields 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Shields coming forward again, whacking Dicaire around throwing both hands. Right hands from Shields, a trio of them. Dicaire backs off. Was awkward, Shields throwing a lot of wide rights. She really, badly wants to Ann Wolfe spark someone. She’s trying her ass off. Shields’ hand speed and timing just too much, even throwing wide shots. Dicaire is not a bad fighter — again, pretty clearly the legit No. 2 154-pounder — but she’s just out of her depth so far. Right hand again from Shields. And yet again, the two-minute rounds do these fights no favors. So hard to build legitimate momentum. Shields 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Shields again winging both hands. Again landing with both. Dicaire still can’t get anything going. Shields tagging Dicaire. Dicaire with a good shot, but Shields takes it well. Dicaire is really, really trying to find openings. She just can’t with any regularity. Check hook from Shields then she tries to load up with a right before the bell. Shields 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Shields just so much more crisp, so much better all around. Again, Dicaire is still really trying. But she can’t do enough to win rounds. Shields is focused and solid work, trying to bait Dicaire. Dicaire does land the odd shot, but there’s not enough. Shields 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Shields continues to more or less dominate. She’s tagging Dicaire with counter lefts, which if she’s going to really close this show, that might be the punch here. Shields in full control here. Dicaire just cannot solve the puzzle. She’s not a good enough boxer. It is the reality. Shields 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Dicaire has never settled down here, never found a rhythm. Shields with a decent shot, Dicaire wrestles her against the ropes. Dicaire can sometimes get inside, but then she can’t do anything, and Shields keeps slipping under and landing counter shots with it, too. Dicaire’s best work has arguably been in smothering some of Shields’ work. Shields misses a loaded up right late in the round, a bit more jostling on the inside. Shields 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Shields stalking again. She’s been patiently aggressive, if you will. Dicaire getting walked down this round, she has no choice but to move backwards, and she’s just constantly bouncing, bouncing, and not throwing punches. Has never come close to getting a jab going, and she doesn’t have a bad one, but Shields isn’t letting her use it at all. Shields pretty quiet for a few moments, then starts throwing again to make sure she’s sealing the round. Shields 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: Dicaire is, to her credit, trying to lunge in with some lead lefts, trying to find something to turn the tide. It ain’t there, and she also has no power, so it ain’t coming. Shields tries to seal it late, Dicaire got a couple shots in and goes back to her corner with her arm up. I think that was Dicaire’s best round and she barely nicks it for me. Dicaire 10-9, Shields 89-82

Round 10: Shields trying to work off a jab, Dicaire is going for it, she knows she needs her first-ever knockout. But Shields keeping her at bay. Good lead right from Shields, and another. Little left catches Dicaire. Right counter from Shields. Another right, kind of a clubbing shot. Dicaire trying to rush, Shields tying her up and throwing where she can. Shields waiting in the corner, looking for corners, then comes forward at the clapper. Both throwing to their credit. Shields 10-9, 99-91

Claressa Shields looks to go undisputed in a second weight class tonight, facing Marie-Eve Dicaire for all four major belts at 154 pounds in a PPV main event from Flint, Mich.

Our live coverage will start at 8 pm ET with the free prelim fight that will stream on FITE and YouTube (links below), and then continue at 9 pm ET for the pay-per-view, which has four bouts. We’ll have fight-by-fight results as they come in, and live, round-by-round coverage for the main event.

How to Watch Shields vs Dicaire

Date: Friday, Mar. 5 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: Dort Federal Event Center - Flint, MI
TV: PPV ($29.99) | Streaming: FITE PPV ($29.99)
Online Coverage:

Shields is a heavy favorite and has home field advantage, but this really is as good a fight as she can make at 154, too. Shields has been so much better than her competition that she really is sort of running out of things to do in boxing at age 25, and it’s no wonder she’s looking to give MMA a try later this year.

The rest of the PPV card is what it is, basically. Danielle Perkins and Monika Harrison met in Salita Promotions’ one UFC Fight Pass show last year, and they’re fighting each other again because there are a whopping 13 women’s heavyweights in the world. Marlen Esparza is on the card facing Shelly Barnett, and Jamie Mitchell takes on Noemi Bosques, who is better than her record and has faced a lot of top women’s boxing names.

Prelims (FITE / YouTube, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Timur Kerefov (10-0, 5 KO) vs Manny Woods (16-10-1, 6 KO), middleweights, 10 rounds

Main Card (PPV, 9:00 pm ET)

  • Claressa Shields (10-0, 2 KO) vs Marie-Eve Dicaire (17-0, 0 KO), junior middleweights, 10 rounds, for Shields’ WBC and WBO titles, Dicaire’s IBF title, and the vacant WBA title
  • Danielle Perkins (2-0, 1 KO) vs Monika Harrison (2-1-1, 1 KO), rematch, heavyweights, 8 rounds
  • Jamie Mitchell (5-0-2, 3 KO) vs Noemi Bosques (12-15-3, 2 KO), junior featherweights, 6 rounds
  • Marlen Esparza (8-1, 1 KO) vs Shelly Barnett (4-3-2, 0 KO), bantamweights, 6 rounds

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