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Fury vs Joshua: Arum and Hearn say contracts waiting to be signed

The undisputed heavyweight title fight might be happening, but we’ve heard this song already, really.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Here’s your Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua update: Nothing is official! Both sides still say it’s happening!

But to get specific about it, Top Rank’s Bob Arum says there are “no more issues,” and the fight is waiting to be signed.

“I’ve been working on it and all the points have been agreed to, that’s what each side has said. We’re scrambling around to get things signed and everything,” Arum told iFL TV. “But I can say clearly, based on my view of everything, that there are no more issues.”

This was basically backed up by Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn on the other side in a separate iFL interview.

“We’re really waiting on their signatures now. The issue is there’s about four or five people that have got to sign their contract, and much fewer that have got to sign our contract,” Hearn told iFL TV.

“We’re in a good place. Everything seems to be agreed. Now the proof will be in the pudding. When those parties sign the contract, we’re ready to sign the contract. We’ve said to them, ‘Go ‘round and get all your signatures,’ because there’s so many of them. We’re ready, we’ll sign the contract immediately when we have those, and the fight’s up and running. But as of yet there is no deal, because they haven’t put pen to paper, but I believe that is inevitable.”

There you are! Maybe in two weeks we’ll have an announcement! Maybe tomorrow! Maybe in a month!

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