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Jermell Charlo not interested in Jarrett Hurd fight: “He’s far down the list”

“Twin” Charlo isn’t looking to give Hurd another title fight, at least not right now.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jarrett Hurd says that he wants a fight with Jermell Charlo, but Charlo doesn’t sound too interested in facing the former 154-pound titlist, saying Hurd is “far down the list” of opponents he’s looking to face:

There was some good steam behind a Charlo-Hurd fight a few years back, but then Charlo lost a controversial decision to Tony Harrison in Dec. 2018, and Hurd lost a not-controversial decision to Julian Williams in May 2019.

Charlo beat Harrison clean in a rematch a year later, and Hurd passed on rematching Williams immediately. Now Williams doesn’t have any belts, Charlo has three of the four in the weight class, and Brian Castano is probably the fight Charlo is most interested in to try and go undisputed.

It’s harsh, maybe, but it’s also hard to blame Charlo (34-1, 18 KO), who gains nothing from fighting Hurd (24-1, 16 KO) as compared to Castano; it’s not like Charlo-Hurd is comparatively some blockbuster fight or anything, and the Castano fight has a really angle to sell it with the undisputed tag.

But, at the same time, let’s say they do Charlo-Castano, Charlo wins, Hurd fights someone else and wins, maybe in a year this fight looks attractive again, and now you’ve got a little more extra beef for the promotion.

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