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Showtime to air four-part “The Kings” documentary starting June 6th

The series “spotlights boxing’s evolution from the end of Muhammad Ali’s era to the era of the Four Kings, set against the seismic political and socio-economic shifts taking place in the United States”

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hagler hearns poster

One of boxing’s all-time greatest quartets will get the spotlight this June, as Showtime has announced its four-part “The Kings” series about Roberto Duran, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

“These four men defined an era in boxing,” said Stephen Espinoza, President, SHOWTIME Sports. “Their individual stories, forever linked by the spectacular battles they waged, reflect a tumultuous period in American culture and history. THE KINGS takes the viewer beyond the glorious action of some of history’s most memorable prizefights to illuminate each man’s dramatic journey and the societal context that made them stars of sports and popular culture.”

These men represented an extraordinary conflux of skill and competitiveness. Duran, the deceptively skilled mauler who never let a size disadvantage temper dim his fire; Hagler, the implacable and indestructible king of the middleweight division; Hearns, the concussive boxer-puncher whose career spanned from welterweight to cruiserweight; Leonard, the dazzling media darling whose shine disguised his grit.

The four would ultimately share the ring nine times, producing multiple Fights of the Year and authoring historic moment after historic moment. With the loss of Hagler earlier this year, it’s the right time to go back and remind the world just how special they were.

Also, while we’re on the subject, I’d like to once again shill for George Kimball’s spectacular “Four Kings.” If you’ve ever wanted to read about the time Duran punched out a horse, you’re in luck.

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