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Regis Prograis looking to fight Adrien Broner with Triller

The fighters have had something of a media rivalry this year.

During his post fight press conference following his technical decision win over Ivan Redkach, Regis Prograis fields media questions about the fight and talks a bit about where he looking to go from here — notably mentioning a fight against Adrien Broner. Both Prograis and Broner have gone back and forth in the media for some time now but it hasn’t yet materialized into a bout. Now might be as good of a time as any, though.

Prograis on if he’s looking to face Broner next

“Hopefully so. We gonna talk to management and, you know, Triller and hopefully me and Adrien can make a super fight right here on Triller. I think that could be a potential next, possible next for me and him. So Adrien Broner, he always supported me, we always say we gonna fuck each other up — which I think I’ma beat his ass — but at the same time it’s good to get support from him.

“I think me and Adrien Broner can make a super fight. I really think so. If me and him can meet right back on Triller, he has a huge name and I kinda have a name and I’m an explosive fighter and we both talk a lot of shit. I’ma kick his ass. But I think that’s a huge fight so we’ll see. We’ll see what’s gonna happen next.

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