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Devin Haney looks forward to showcasing his full arsenal against Jorge Linares

Haney and Linares will collide on May 29 in Las Vegas.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this conversation with Fight Hype, WBC titleholder Devin Haney discusses his upcoming fight against Jorge Linares and his expectations to put on a much better performance now that he’s feeling physically better. Check out some excerpts of what Haney had to say on the fight below.

Haney on what he believes will be the difference between Linares and himself come fight night

“Jorge Linares is a terrific fighter...I want to say besides Teofimo, he did the best — besides Salido as well — he went in there, he dropped Loma. He has speed, he has power, he dropped Luke Campbell. So I think he’s a terrific fighter but I just feel like I’m different and this is a fight that I finally really get to showcase my skills and showcase my talent against somebody that’s worth it, somebody that I’ll get my just due for.

“I’m very excited for this fight. Very few fights in the past that I actually felt a bit nervous for. This fight I feel nervous and excited for and I look forward to it. I feel like this is a fight that I really get to showcase everything in my arsenal. I look forward to it.”

On if Linares will be the biggest puncher he’s ever faced

“Yeah, I think that he is the biggest puncher I have faced. He’s the fastest. I think he has the most skills...I feel like when I win this fight and when I look good doing it, I want the world to give me my just due.

“I do think that Jorge Linares is a better fighter than Gamboa, I think he’s at a better point in his career than Gamboa, and this is a fight where they should give me all my credit.”

On what differences we can expect to see in his performance from his last outing

“Me having two hands. At the end of the day I make no excuses because I went in there, I won every single round against Gamboa but I really only had one hand. I went in there, I fought with basically a half-broken hand. But I make no excuses, like I said. Gamboa was a good fight, I went in there and got the win but this fight I feel good. I’m excited for it. It’ll be different.”

On if he’s going to try to prove his punching power is better than a lot of people think

“At the end of the day styles make fights. We’ll see how the fight plays out. The people are gonna say what they want to say. The key to it is to get the win and look good doing it.”

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