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Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua site fee may top $150 million

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The final detail for the long-awaited heavyweight super fight may be close to resolved, in a record-breaking way.


After Anthony Joshua an Tyson Fury signed a two-fight agreement back in mid-March, the last details left to resolve were the location and date. And though Middle Eastern funding never came through on a proposed Manny Pacquiao vs Terence Crawford bout, Saudi Arabian financiers may be on the verge of paying a historic sum to host the four belt heavyweight unification instead.

ESPN reports that the proposed site fee for Fury vs. Joshua “exceeds $150 million,” with the heavyweight champions taking in around $75 million each.

That figure exceeds even original estimates reported back in March by Mike Coppinger at The Athletic. Expectations at the time were that the fight might top $100 million.

Many involved have expressed their desire to host the fight in the UK in front of a large, raucous crowd. But with COVID-19 issues keeping that possibility on hold for the indeterminate future, a guaranteed $150 million and a potential late summer date in Saudi Arabia seem like a satisfying consolation.

The fight is currently expected for either July 24 or early August, per Eddie Hearn’s most recent updates.