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Steven Nelson calls out Edgar Berlanga after knockout streak ends

“So Cold” last fought in September, and is looking for something big.

Bill Tompkins/Getty Images and Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Steven “So Cold” Nelson and Edgar Berlanga are at somewhat similar career spots, though their paths have been very different.

Nelson is 32 and has just started getting a bit of recognition somewhat recently. A training camp partner of Terence Crawford’s, the Omaha native last fought in September, stopping DeAndre Ware in the sixth round.

He’s been angling to get a bigger fight, and the Nebraska super middleweight might have his target in Edgar Berlanga.

Not long after Berlanga (17-0, 16 KO) lost his first round knockout streak and his overall knockout streak in an otherwise pretty dominant win over Demond Nicholson, Nelson threw his name out on Twitter:

Nelson (17-0, 14 KO) would love a Berlanga fight for obvious reasons. It would get some good push from Top Rank — both are TR fighters — and would give Nelson a chance to secure a buzz-worthy type of win.

Berlanga, 23, was good against Nicholson on Saturday, but it was definitely a reminder that he is still a prospect, not yet a contender.

Nelson, of course, is calling out basically anyone at 168, and it’s ambition you like to see. He’s not at an age or place in his career where he’ll want to spend another year or two taking small steps; he’s not old, and he doesn’t have much by ring miles wearing him out, but 32 is 32, and he wants to get in the game now.

Is this one you’d like to see? Would it be the right sort of move for Berlanga if you were managing him, or is Nelson someone you’d avoid at the moment?

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