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Teofimo Lopez Sr doesn’t expect George Kambosos to last more than three rounds against his son

Lopez Sr is expecting easy work for his son’s next title defense.

During a conversation with Fight Hype, trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. breaks down why he thinks George Kambosos Jr. will be an easy fight for his son, expecting the fight to not last more than just the first few rounds, and where they’ll be looking to go after beating Kambosos Jr. Check out some excerpts below.

Lopez Sr. on his expectations for the Kambosos fight

“Kambosos fight is gonna be like the Magdaleno fight. You know, he leans in with his face forward and that’s an easy fight for my son. I don’t see him lasting more than three rounds for that fight.

“And we’re gonna get ready. We don’t take no chances, I always train my son like we fighting the best world champion in the world, especially like we did to Lomachenko, the way we took away everything that he had and we made him look like just a regular fighter. I mean, my son is the only one that can do that.

“I think Lomachenko in the weight division right now at 135, he could take everybody. I think he could take everybody at 130 as well. So Lomachenko’s not done, it’s just that he couldn’t beat my son. That’s it.

“I’m not even worried about this guy (Kambosos). I haven’t even looked at video of him — I’m gonna do it once the camp starts in March 29th. That’s when I’m gonna start looking at his video tapes and see what he does. But what I’ve seen, he fights a little bit like — a lot like Diego Magdaleno, face forward, throwing a lot of punches. That’s an easy fight for my son. We want those guys to come forward. Lomachenko evaded my son because he didn’t want to get knocked out. And you saw in the last round we almost had him, when he started committing.

“At the end of the day man, ain’t nobody beating my son. There’s no human in the world right now that can beat my son...and we gonna show that. We gonna improve, after this fight we’re gonna go for the Jose Ramirez or the Josh Taylor fight. If that happens, we’ll take it. If Bob (Arum) wants to screw us, it doesn’t matter, we still got the other guys that we could fight.”

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