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Robert Garcia talks next steps for Vergil Ortiz, Jose Ramirez and Mikey Garcia

The trainer shares some updates on what’s on the agenda from some of his top fighters.

During an interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Robert Garcia talks about a few of his biggest fighters and shares some quick thoughts on what’s up next for each one of them. Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

On moving Vergil Ortiz forward and looking for his next step up in opposition

“I believe the easiest way to go would be the direction with Top Rank. Golden Boy and Top Rank do work together and have done a lot of fights together, especially the last year, they did quite a few fights together and I think it’s probably the easiest way.

“I’m not gonna say we should go straight into Terence Crawford next but it’s a big possibility. But Top Rank also has a few other welterweights that might be a good idea before fight Crawford. ‘Cause I think Crawford will probably go towards the end of the year so by then we might have one or two fights more. We don’t want to keep Vergil sitting for the remainder of the year.

“After this fight I think he should do two fights — he hasn’t been very active so I want to keep him busy. I think one or two more before anything big...I would like to see him at least one more time before anything huge, and I think the big fight will be Terence Crawford.

“PBC’s fighters are great, unbelievable fighters, but it’s a little more difficult. You don’t see that happening that often. I think Crawford will probably be the easiest fight to make.”

On Jose Ramirez’s upcoming unification with Josh Taylor

“I know that becoming undisputed is his dream and he’ll make history, he’ll be the first Mexican-American to accomplish that so that would definitely be the biggest.”

On if there’s any news on Mikey Garcia’s next fight

“There has been a lot of rumors but still nothing signed, nothing official, no date, no nothing. As soon as something is finalized I’m sure Mikey will let us know because as of right now Mikey’s training, Mikey’s lost a lot of weight already. He’s sparring, he’s getting ready. But nothing’s official yet and in boxing anything could happen. We could end up fighting somebody else, Pacquiao could end up fighting somebody else — we don’t know. But the way it looks, from what I read, you read, everybody’s reading, it looks like the direction Pacquiao’s going but until it’s signed and contracts are signed and everything’s ready to go, we’ll be able to talk a little bit more.

“But right now he is training. I know that he wants to fight in May or June and if it’s against Pacquiao or not, he’ll be fighting. So if it’s not Pacquiao he will fight someone else and it will be sometime in late May or June.”

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