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Video: Mike Tyson returns to AEW Dynamite on April 7, 2021


Migos Big Game Weekend Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Well, folks, it’s official: Mike Tyson is BACK!!!! All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

You may recall that Tyson, who has some past history in pro wrestling as an attraction, particularly for WWF WrestleMania XIV in 1998, appeared for AEW in May 2020 with the idea that he’d be hanging around to do some stuff there. He didn’t, but tonight he returned which AEW had advertised ahead of time.

This time, instead of being involved in a confrontation with his age group peer Chris Jericho, he was on the side of Jericho’s “Inner Circle” faction and unleashed some punches on a fella name of Shawn Spears, who felt all the wrath Roy Jones Jr felt in last November’s exhibition:

Boxing-wise, the 54-year-old Tyson has said he plans to do more exhibition events, and one with Evander Holyfield has been talked up a lot. Tyson has said it’s going to happen, but so far it hasn’t been made official, and both sides have gone back-and-forth publicly on whether or not it’s going to actually get done.

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