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Mikey Garcia says he hasn’t been able to lock in Manny Pacquiao fight but remains hopeful

Garcia still eager to land Pacquiao fight but will now have to consider other options.

Mikey Garcia v Jessie Vargas Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As we continue to wait on new of Manny Pacquiao’s official return to the ring, one potential opponent in Mikey Garcia discusses his negotiations with Pacquiao to say that much interest has been expressed in making the fight happen but that it just hasn’t gotten over the hump thus far.

Garcia tells WBN that Pacquiao has so many advisors around him and all of them seem like the person to talk to about striking a deal only to find out there’s more people to go through.

“We’ve been close to getting something, but we just haven’t been able to lock it in. We feel we’re almost there, and then it just doesn’t quite get there,” Garcia said. “The pandemic has been part of it. Initially, we thought it would be sometime in May. This was a few months back, like January, February. Now May is out, June is out because we’re not there yet. We need time to promote and to work and train. We’ve had all these ideas and conversations and just haven’t been able to lock it in.”

The former champion would continue by saying that he’s not making any crazy financial demands to make the fight happen as he’s aware that fighting a legend like Pacquiao can do great things for his own legacy, but he also knows that Pacquiao won’t be hanging around the sport forever which is why he wants to secure the fight now.

But because talks have been dragging on for so long at this point Garcia says he’s going to have to turn his attention elsewhere, looking for another potential opponent for him to square off against. Needless to say Pacquiao is still the fight of preference for Garcia, but he’s also aware that he can’t hold all of his eggs in that basket.

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