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Shakur Stevenson discusses win over Nakathila, says Herring and Valdez will get it much worse

Stevenson scored a shutout win but didn’t necessarily impress with his latest performance.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following Shakur Stevenson’s dominant yet underwhelming performance over Jeremiah Nakathila over the weekend, Stevenson took some time during the post-fight presser to discuss his thoughts on the fight and where he goes from here. Check out some excerpts from Stevenson below.

On why Nakathila didn’t open up enough to present opportunities for the stoppage

“I think I’ve got some of the best defense in boxing. I kind of hurt him early and he kinda got scary for the rest of the fight. I feel I could’ve did more but I’ma get right back in the gym after this and I’m gonna lock back in.”

On if he believes he needs to improve to become a more complete fight

“Yeah, most definitely. But I still feel like it was an awkward fighter in front of me, real awkward, real scary, and he know how to do just enough to keep me from jumping on him. At the end of the day I’ma get back to the gym, I’m gonna work on some things and I’m gonna keep getting better and better and my next performance gonna be better than this one.”

On if he believes he needs a better opponent to bring the best out of him

“Yeah, I agree with that. Like fighters like Jamel, fighters like Oscar Valdez in front of me, you’ll see a lot more of my skills. My skills showed tonight but I feel like with them I can actually eat a lot more and turn up a little more.

“I really was being a little bit careful because at the end of the day you gotta realize he got power too so I started walking forward and trying to set it up but, like I said, he was real scary. Like he’ll throw a punch and then lean all the way back or jump all the way back and try to not give me a rhythm to set up combinations. So like I said, I’m gonna be back in the gym, I’ma work harder my next fight, and will get better and better.”

On what he would like to improve in his game

“Catching and release. It was times where I can see the punch and I can see it right there but I ain’t capitalize off it. I’ll make him miss sometimes and he’ll be right in front of me but he’ll hurry up and pull back I’ll be like ‘I shot it too late’ so when I get back to the gym, like I said, I’m gonna keep working, I’ma keep getting better and the performances will get better and better.”

On Jamel Herring’s presence at his fight

“He can’t beat me, and I stand on that. He can’t beat me. None of them fighters at 130 could beat me. I stand on that. If they get in there it’s gonna be a lot worse for them.

“I been in there with Jamel — Jamel’s not as good as I am. Jamel go in there certain fights, he’s losing rounds, we see him lose rounds. You have not yet to see me lose rounds in fights. I control these fights, I feel like I’m the best defensive fighter in boxing and Jamel can’t do nothing with me.”

On what message he has for Oscar Valdez

“I’ma beat him the same way I’ma beat Jamel. Like I said, I’m ready for all the big dogs. Let’s get the big fights started.”

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