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Jeison Rosario says loss to Jermell Charlo was a fluke, plans to demonstrate against Erickson Lubin

Rosario and Lubin collide on the undercard of Gervonta Davis vs Mario Barrios, June 26.

Julian Williams v Jeison Rosario Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Former junior middleweight champion Jeison Rosario got a chance to speak his piece during yesterday’s virtual press conference ahead of his June 26 match-up against Erickson Lubin. And speaking to the media, Rosario makes it clear that he believes his stoppage loss to Jermell Charlo was only a fluke and he plans on showing exactly that when he and Lubin meet inside the ring.

“I feel very healthy and very strong. It’s been a great camp so far and probably one of the best camps I’ve had in my career. I’m already at the weight and I am ready to go. The Jermell Charlo fight is the past. That’s over with. This is a new camp and I feel very strong. We’re moving forward.

“I changed trainers just because I was looking for a change. Not necessarily because I lost, but because it was just the right timing. Unfortunately, it came with a loss, but that was not the reason for the change. We’ve known each other for some time. I know Herman Caicedo’s style. It’s no nonsense. No excuses. It’s all or nothing and that’s what I wanted moving forward.

“First and foremost, I have the power to knockout Lubin and anybody in the 154-pound division. The camp that I’ve had, and the little tidbits of southpaw knowledge that I’ve picked up on, make me confident that I can knock Lubin out.

“What happened in the Charlo fight was the fluke. Me winning the titles was not the fluke. I’m going to show everybody that I will bounce back from that loss and win my next fight. I have no problem taking this fight. It’s not a mistake at all. This is what we do. We fight. I’m very excited for June 26 and I expect Lubin to bring his best.

“I actually watched the Charlo fight for the first time last night. Obviously, I learned from my mistake and worked to correct it in this camp. I’m looking forward to showing what I’ve learned from that defeat on June 26.

“At 154 pounds, I can knock anybody out. I have seen some of Lubin’s fights just as a fan and he is a great fighter. It’s not easy to land shots on him or land a home run shot. So that’s not the game plan. Obviously, there is a game plan and if I do land on him, I feel that I can knock him out. But I won’t just go in there trying to land a shot on the chin.

“I’m the type to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. This is another opportunity to get right back in the picture and fight for a title, so you have to take this. Not everybody would. Erickson did and I’m cut from the same cloth. It’s the opportunity and the pride of fighting the best.”

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