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Bill Haney rips Ryan Garcia, ready for Devin to fight Teofimo Lopez next

The trainer shares some thoughts on his son’s most recent outing.

During this video interview with Fight Hype, trainer Bill Haney discusses his son’s latest performance against Jorge Linares, responds to criticism from Ryan Garcia, and says they’re open to making a unification match against Teofimo Lopez. Check out some excerpts of what Haney had to say below.

On Ryan Garcia saying he would’ve stopped Jorge Linares unlike Devin Haney

“Yeah, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to fight him, right? ... Linares called out Garcia time and time again, right, and he wouldn’t accept him, accept the fight. They’re both Golden Boy stablemates so, you know what I mean, I think Ryan, he has a lot of bitch in him. For a guy that’s saying that he’s suffering from some kind of mental health, I really think it’s something that his parents didn’t instill in him. He just has a lot of bitch in him. His dad talks just like him and they both resemble each other.”

On if Haney could face Tefimo Lopez next

“If Teofimo handles his business with Kambosos, we already handled ours so we’re available. We’re available right now so we can talk our shit.”

On why he believes Haney beats Lopez

“Well it’s some of the things you’ve never seen Teo do or have. You know that he has that big right hand but I mean he doesn’t have the inside game and he doesn’t have a jab and he just doesn’t have the skill set that Devin has. So we answered some questions about what happens when Devin gets hit with a right hand, that big right hand that Teofimo has, so we don’t plan to get hit with it but we’re able to withstand and fight through adversity.”

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