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Stitch Duran: Jake Paul is boxing to milk companies, Conor McGregor would beat him

The star cutman doesn’t have any problem with Jake Paul boxing, but doesn’t buy into any talk of him being more than a celebrity boxer.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Veteran cutman Stitch Duran has worked with a who’s who of boxing and mixed martial arts for decades now, making a recognizable name and face for himself in both sports over the years.

He’s also a veteran, as much as one can be, of the YouTube boxing phenomenon. He worked KSI’s corner against Logan Paul in 2019, and was also in Jake Paul’s corner on April 17 against Ben Askren.

But while he doesn’t disapprove or anything, he’s got a realistic feeling about the Paul brothers, specifically Jake, who is set to fight Tyron Woodley on Aug. 28.

“Everybody wants to fight Jake Paul, but Jake Paul does not need to fight everybody. Jake Paul doesn’t need anybody but the guys he’s going to beat,” Duran told Betway. “Conor McGregor would beat him. Just because of the long-term experience factor. The thing is, Jake Paul does not need that type of fight. Conor McGregor’s buddy Dillon Danis, in a boxing match, that one I’d take. He’s a wrestler, he’s a grappler, he is a ground guy — that’s not to say they don’t make great boxers — but it would be a very competitive fight.

“Plus, the marketing would be there for both of them and that brings in Conor McGregor automatically. It’s all about a marketing game and how you maximize it. Jake’s not here to be a world champion by any means, he’s here to milk the companies — very simple.”

Duran called the Pauls “fun guys to work with,” and does have some respect for them getting into the ring and, in his view, doing their best.

“I’ve got to thank KSI first, he’s the one that brought me in when he fought Logan,” Duran said. “I knew nothing about these guys. ‘Who’s KSI, who’s Jake Paul?’ But working with them and wrapping their hands, like when I worked with Michael B. Jordan in Creed — I saw their conversion from what they do to actually becoming semi-good boxers. And I applaud them for that.”

Logan is set to participate in an eight-round exhibition this Sunday on Showtime PPV with Floyd Mayweather, while again, Jake returns in a fight against Woodley on Aug. 28, also on Showtime PPV.

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