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Davis vs Barrios: Tim Bradley says Mario Barrios’ uppercut will be key to victory

Bradley says Barrios has the keys to win but can’t afford to fall asleep at the wheel.

With only a day away until tomorrow’s Showtime PPV headlined by Gervonta Davis vs Mario Barrios, Timothy Bradley gives his breakdown on the fight and explains why Barrios can’t afford any lapses in concentration, even if he’s up in the fight. Check out what Bradley had to say about the fight below.

On Davis-Barrios

“Very interesting fight. I know what everybody’s saying about the whole belt situation, I’m not really looking or paying attention to that at all. What I’m paying attention to is that there’s a massive size difference. Barrios is a natural 140-pounder, I would say a bit unproven just yet even though he is somewhat of a titleholder...but he can box. He can box, he has good power, he has a great right hand, great lead left hook, and also has an uppercut — I think that’s gonna be the icing right there.

How to Watch Davis vs Barrios

Date: Saturday, June 26 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: Virgin Hotels - Las Vegas, NV
Streaming: Showtime PPV | TV: Showtime PPV
Online Coverage:

“If he can hurt Gervonta Davis that’s gonna be the icing right there, that uppercut, because Gervonta Davis is a smaller guy. We know he’s gonna come inside, we know he’s gonna try to break the distance and get inside and rough him up and break ‘em down to the body. So that’s his thing. And Gervonta can punch, they’re saying ‘oh, will his weight carry up?’ — Gervonta hits like a heavyweight. Dude can punch, man. The punching power is gonna follow up him wherever weight class he goes in. Even at 160, he walks around at 160, he can knock a grown man out, it don’t matter.

“So the thing I think Barrios needs to be careful of is getting lulled to sleep. Gervonta Davis, he does get hit and he allows that to happen. He doesn’t mind that. He allows you to get comfortable, he allows you to feel like you have the edge, going into the fight you saw that against Leo Santa Cruz as well, and then all the sudden he’ll just abruptly just come with power shots and if he lands those power shots they’re lethal, they’re deadly. So Barrios can’t get comfortable in there. If he’s having success and he’s controlling things in there and he’s feeling like he has this fight easily won, he can outbox him, don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Because all it takes is one shot from Gervonta Davis and if he hurts you he’s one of the best finishers in boxing.”

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