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Davis vs Barrios: Boxing pros react to Gervonta Davis’ knockout win in Atlanta

Tank Davis made the big splash at 140, and the pros were impressed.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Gervonta Davis’ move up to 140 lbs was questioned and scrutinized and analyzed, and while he didn’t have the easiest time in the world, he did show his power and speed are still there, stopping Mario Barrios in the 11th round of their fight in Atlanta.

Davis (25-0, 24 KO) will probably still field a lot of questions from fans and some in media, but there’s no question really how dangerous he can be at any weight between 130 and 140 right now, how explosive and sudden his offense can be when he sees the openings.

And the pros were impressed pretty much across the board, giving both Davis and Barrios (26-1, 17 KO) credit for a good fight where both were able to show their great, heart, and talent, and Davis walking away with the win on the night.

Some Tweets from this evening as the boxing world weighed in on Davis-Barrios:

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