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Triller respond to Mike Tyson, say they have proof he was paid in full and they have rights to any exhibitions he does next

Ryan Kavanaugh says Triller have taken legal action against Tyson, not the other way around.

Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller

Ever since Triller’s launch into the boxing world with their Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition event last November, the company has been a source of headlines both good and bad.

One of the bad ones has been Tyson and Jones both claiming they weren’t paid in full for the event, or didn’t get extra money promised to them after, or whatever. Tyson has repeatedly said he won’t work with Triller again, but Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh has finally responded to the claims with a letter to Tyson and his team.

The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger obtained a copy of the letter and posted it to Twitter:

The key gist is that Triller claim to have exclusive rights to Tyson’s next exhibition event, be that with Evander Holyfield or anyone else, and that they were able to produce bank receipts proving they paid him the $25 million owed for last November’s exhibition with Roy Jones Jr.

Kavanaugh seems to suggest that someone else may be trying to fool Tyson about the money:

“Triller spent over $30 million on your fight against Roy Jones Jr. More than $25 million of that was paid to Frontline, Legends Only League, and your affiliates; our understanding is that you personally should have walked away with at least $15 million, if not more. We are unaware of your arrangement with your other partners in Legends Only or Frontline, however, and ask if perhaps somehow you weren’t made aware of the money paid into your entity. ... Hearing about some recent comments you’ve made to people in the boxing world, I am starting to suspect that you received only a fraction of the $25 million we sent to you. I’ve heard from multiple sources that you have been made to believe that we did not pay you in full and that you believe you have taken legal action against us.”

Kavanaugh denies that Tyson’s team have taken legal action at all, but says Triller have taken legal action against Tyson, with Tyson’s team reaching out to “settle the pending suit,” which “Triller took no pleasure in filing, but became unavoidable after your team attempted to move forward on another fight in violation of our agreement and rights.”

All this for some old guys doing exhibitions. What a world!

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