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Teofimo Lopez wants Devin Haney or Gervonta Davis before leaving lightweight division

Lopez wants to make it clear as he can that he’s the best at 135 lbs.

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Triller Fight Club - Press Conference Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

Teofimo Lopez has his next fight set for June 19, as he defends the WBA, IBF, and WBO lightweight titles against George Kambosos Jr in a Triller Fight Club PPV main event from Miami.

Lopez (16-0, 12 KO) took some time out from preparations to speak with The DAZN Boxing Show about other topics, including Devin Haney’s recent win, what’s next, how he sees Gervonta Davis and others, and his fractured relationship with Top Rank.

On his team giving him a review of Haney’s performance against Linares

“They told me he was staying sharp, he got clipped in the 10th, and then after that he was clinching and everything. But overall, I think Devin is Devin, man, he’s gonna be boxing, he’s gonna find a way to win, and he got the job done.”

On whether he wants Devin Haney in the ring

“Honestly, to be real, even if Linares had clipped him and ended the fight, I still want Devin Haney. I want the guy because I want him for myself. Whether he’s the WBC email champion or not, I still want the guy. Even if Linares had got the win. And I told my manager that, and he was, like, ‘No, let’s just go for the belt,’ and I’m, like, ‘Nah, I still want that guy.’ My short-term goal is beating Kambosos and then we go from there.”

How to Watch Lopez vs Kambosos

Date: Saturday, June 19 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: LoanDepot Park - Miami, FL
Streaming: FITE PPV (Buy Here!) | TV: PPV
Online Coverage:

On his potential opponents and where he goes next

“They’re all food, man. Lomachenko was dessert and that was it, and now I’m just looking at George Kambosos is gonna be breakfast, and Devin Haney will be lunch, and we’ll see who’s dinner at 140.”

On a possible fight with Gervonta “Tank” Davis

“When I beat Kambosos, and when I knock out Devin, then, you know, yeah. If he’s already at 140, I don’t see why we can’t make that happen. What’s gonna happen is, Teofimo goes to 140 and then Tank Davis is gonna go back down to 135. I don’t think people see a pattern here. There’s a pattern here that’s going all around. He avoided Lomachenko, now he’s avoiding us. I get it, though. He’s gonna be a three-time interim world champion in three different divisions. It’s cute. That’s all I can say. It’s cute, man.

“Everybody’s got a job to do right now. Devin Haney accomplished his. He can go out there and say what he has to say, he can boast about it, he can call all of us out because he did his part, he got the job done. Now it’s my turn, and then it’s Tank Davis’ turn. Then we see the raffle.”

On how high he might go in weight

“Right now I’m at 146, so I’m only 11 lbs right now, and we’ve got two or three weeks left. I’ve stayed in the gym and devoted on it, because I know I can’t finish at 135 with Kambosos. I gotta finish with the likes of Tank Davis or Devin Haney. Ryan Garcia’s out the picture because he’s dealing with stuff in another aspect, and he has his own battles right now.

“I want to close out the 135 division and seal the deal. Then at 140, of course Josh Taylor is the guy we want to go after. Wherever my body takes me, wherever God wants me, man, I could probably finish in this sport at 160. Who knows?”

On his relationship with Bob Arum and Top Rank

“We’ll see what happens. I’ve been pushing myself in the gym for a reason. Bob Arum put out there that pretty much, whoever wants Teofimo, go ahead and pay his contract out. OK, I’ll seal that deal for everybody come June 19th. I’m eye candy to all the networks. DAZN, Showtime, even Al Haymon if he wants to get a part of this. Come see June 19th, man, and whoever wants to have Teofimo afterwards can have him. And if not, we’ll deal with anything. We can reconcile with Top Rank aftewards. Triller has their insights on it, as well. My whole thing is just getting the job done, looking impressive, and giving everybody that undisputed performance.”

On criticism that his ego has gotten the best of him

“I’ve always been a world champion. I’m a champion in life. I think we all are in our own, unique way. (Beating Lomachenko) didn’t get me big-headed, it humbled me. ... What else can I do? That’s what it’s all about. I want more. With success, there’s no such thing as too much of it. At 23, there’s so much more I can do. I’m staying focused.”

Name association

Vasiliy Lomachenko: “[Bleeped]. Sorry for my language.”

Gervonta Davis: “Fat.”

Bob Arum: “Champ.”

Floyd Mayweather: “Champion.”

Logan Paul: “What is that?”

Eddie Hearn: “Smart.”

George Kambosos Jr: “Lunch.”

Devin Haney: “Breakfast.”

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