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Video: Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley exchange words in intense face-off

Paul and Woodley said about what you’d figure they would say in their first staredown.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley tentatively set for an Aug. 28 Showtime pay-per-view date, the YouTuber/boxer and former UFC champion met up on Thursday for a makeshift press conference and face off which, as you’d expect, featured a lot of trash talk, all of it pretty predictable if you’ve paid attention to either of them.

Paul told Woodley, “You’re about to get beat up by a Disney kid. It’s going to be pretty embarrassing for you.”

Woodley replied, “You know what’s gonna be embarrassing? When you’re laying on the ground and I’m standing over you, screaming, ‘I beat your ass!’”

Anyway, they kept talking and Woodley got pretty aggressive toward Paul, who mostly played it cool and stayed largely in a joking mode. Both predicted first round knockouts and Paul rambled about making purse bets which he seems to think is the most interesting thing in the world.

The fight will be the 39-year-old Woodley’s boxing debut, and a step up for Paul, who is 3-0 against a far worse YouTuber who may have never even seen boxing before, a basketball player, and an MMA guy who was lousy at boxing even by MMA standards.

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