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Mayweather vs Paul: Study shows most Americans rooting for Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather isn’t often the “babyface,” but he appears to be compared to Logan Paul.


It’s been somewhat rare over the “Money Mayweather” part of his career (since 2007, basically) that Floyd Mayweather has gone into a fight as the true fan favorite and not the bad guy people would pay to see lose (which he never did), but Sunday’s exhibition with Logan Paul not only isn’t a real fight, but it’s a case where Mayweather appears to be backed by the majority of Americans.

A study from and Sports Insider found that Mayweather is the “good guy” in this one:

The survey was conducted by examining geotagged Twitter data during the last month. BetOnline tracked and compiled more than 100,000 tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases such as #teammayweather, #teampaul, #teamloganpaul and #logang.

Is this “scientific data”? Sure, why not? It’s an exhibition boxing entertainment extravaganza, let’s roll with it. Who cares?

Anyway, here’s the state-by-state breakdown:

Worth noting, I suppose, that Paul is apparently the fan favorite in Mayweather’s original home state of Michigan.

You actually can bet on this “fight,” but some books have already refunded all bets placed before June 3, because there was great shock when it turned out no winner will be announced if it goes the eight-round distance. We’ve tried to tell you that since the damn thing was announced, but people hate to listen.

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