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Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Live streaming weigh-in video and results

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will do a “ceremonial” weigh-in for Sunday’s exhibition.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

“Weigh-In Results”

  • Floyd Mayweather 155 vs Logan Paul 189.5
  • Chad Johnson 179.5 vs Brian Maxwell 183.5

Note: The sanctioned fights had their weigh-in earlier.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will step on the scales today in what is being billed a “ceremonial” weigh-in. The stream will start at 5 pm ET, though the fight week schedule suggests nobody will step onto the scales until 5:45 pm ET.

Mayweather and Paul will be weighing in here, as will former Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Johnson and Brian Maxwell, who are also going to do an exhibition bout on Sunday’s show.

The real, sanctioned fighters (Badou Jack vs Dervin Colina and Jarrett Hurd vs Luis Arias) will weigh in earlier in the day, around Noon ET along with those fighting on the untelevised prelims. Those don’t have appear to have a live stream, and being honest nobody would much care if they did.

The intrigue here is not these fighters making weight — the advertisement is Mayweather can’t weigh over 160 and Paul can’t weigh over 190, but this is a non-sanctioned exhibition and they can just say the guys made weight even if they haven’t, it doesn’t actually matter. It’s what manner of hi-jinks may occur between Team Mayweather and Team Paul, which includes Logan’s brother Jake.

Anyway, the stream is here. Watch if you want!

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