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Regis Prograis to Floyd Mayweather: Please never fight again

Regis Prograis was one of many disappointed in Sunday’s exhibition.

Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller and Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Former 140 lb titlist Regis Prograis was not too impressed with what he saw last night on pay-per-view, with a 44-year-old Floyd Mayweather going the eight-round exhibition distance with YouTuber Logan Paul, calling the show an “embarrassment.”

He even took to social media to send a message out, pleading with Mayweather to “never fight again.”

“Dear Floyd Mayweather, please never fight again,” Prograis wrote on Twitter. “You mastered the sport of boxing against elite fighters for over 20 years. You’re one of the greatest fighters to lace up a pair of gloves. Now it’s time to walk away into the sunset and never look back.”

A lot of people seemed to be somehow surprised by the fact that the exhibition was, in fact, an exhibition. Forget sites like ours doing our best for at least a week solid to tell people what they were going to see; Mayweather himself couldn’t have been much more clear in the lead-up to the fight. But people seem to really want to believe for some reason that I’m sure would make for a fascinating study I wouldn’t read.

Anyway, Mayweather still hasn’t had a sanctioned fight since 2017 and probably never will again, but I imagine if someone brings him another truck full of sweet Earth money, he will be open to doing more exhibitions.

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