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Teofimo Lopez: Devin Haney is next target after George Kambosos Jr

Lopez is currently schedule to defend his titles against Kambosos on June 19.

Lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez takes some time to chat with Fight Hype about his thoughts on Devin Haney’s most recent performance against Jorge Linares and Lopez makes it clear that he has plans to deal with Haney once he gets past his June 19 title defense against George Kambosos Jr. So when asked about what he thought about Haney-Linares, Lopez responded:

“He did what he had to do, you know what I mean,” Lopez said. “He did what Devin ‘The Dream’ does, and he boxed and he showed what he can do, however he does not have the power but we cannot overlook that.

“Whatever happened between those rounds happened and all Devin can do now is go back to the drawing board and work on it. And if he doesn’t and if he’s satisfied with what he has then, shit — regardless you’re gonna get your ass whipped by Teofimo and that’s just really what it comes down to. I’m coming for you, but right now it’s just all about June 19th, getting rid of my guy and then after that I’m coming straight to you. Ain’t no fuckin’ way around it.

“Ain’t no way around it, you been talking so much and I just can’t wait to show everyone the fraud that you are and how fake you really are. I need to get you out of this boxing game because you don’t deserve to be here, that’s how I feel.”

On the supposed new era of ‘The Four Kings’

“I’m gonna be honest, I think that was an insult. I think it was an insult for whoever threw out that ‘Four Kings’ for this era. It was an insult to those guys (Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Duran). Whoever is doing this, you don’t know shit about boxing. Sorry, but you don’t and you gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself because in reality that’s what it really comes down to. Those guys haven’t really shown anything to even get to the point of being acknowledged. We haven’t shown anything yet. Even I can say for myself, I haven’t shown anything yet. But don’t put me in that category because I’ve shown more than they have.

“Don’t do that to those guys, those were fighters. These guys, they ain’t fuckin’ fighters, they fuckin’ internet famous, clout-chasing, dick-riding motherfuckers at the end of it all. And they just suck dick, that’s really what they do. All they do is suck dick and go on to the next one. I don’t do that.”

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