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Charlo vs Castano: Pros react to controversial draw in undisputed title fight

Much of the focus is on the awful score turned in by Nelson Vazquez.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano fought to crown an undisputed 154 lb champion, but went to a controversial split draw instead, highlighted (so to speak) by judge Nelson Vazquez’s awful 117-111 Charlo card.

That was a particular highlight of the boxing Twitter reaction to the fight, which largely saw both fighters praised, and they should have been. Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KO) and Castano (17-0-2, 12 KO) put on a great fight, proving they’re both truly top tier fighters, the clear top guys at this weight right now. Each had their moments where they seemed to have clear control, only for the other to battle back. It was a terrific fight and the San Antonio crowd made it even better.

It’s a fight that begs for a rematch, and we’ll see if we get one. For now, a sampling of what some of the boxing world said in the immediate aftermath, with, again, a clear focus on how Godawful Nelson Vazquez’s miserable, inexcusable card really was.

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