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Derrick James reacts to Charlo-Castano draw, says Jermell Charlo should’ve thrown more punches

James believes Castano benefited from trying to steal the end of rounds in the fight.

In the immediate aftermath of Jermall Charlo’s hotly debated draw with Brian Castano on Saturday night, Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV caught up with Charlo’s trainer Derrick James to get his assessment of the fight and what went down. Check out some of James’ thoughts on the fight below.

James on the Charlo-Castano result

“I think it was a good fight. I think that what he did was in the earlier rounds (Castano) would try to steal the end of the round...but it’s like he wasn’t landing all those shots, but he just made it look like he was landing those shots. That’s basically what I think it was.”

“Like I think (Charlo) should’ve thrown more jabs a little bit, been a little busier, but every time we threw the shots we was hurting him. I felt like ‘was it close?’, no, he was trying to steal the rounds, he really wasn’t doing anything. He really was missing all those shots but it was like for the judges behind him, made it look like he was busy and landing shots — he landed some but not as many as they thought he did.”

On Castano fighting at a slower pace than usual

“Power. Power. The power was an issue. The respect and the power was a big deal. I think when he was getting hit with them shots it was hurting him a lot too. He hurt him in the second round, he hurt him in the 9th round, in the 10th round — he hurt him a lot.”

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