Ideal boxing weight continued...

I kept meaning to reply to Cholo's post, but also kept getting sidetracked.

Not sure why fanposts get closed so quickly, as this is a good topic, so I'm adding to it here (not trying to get in trouble with Scott--it doesn't look like Cholo's post was controversial, but just that fanposts get shut down after a certain amount of time).

The problem with trying to cut weigh fast in general is that it's very, very hard on your kidneys. I don't mean losing weight but cutting weight a la prime boxers. Really, I would not recommend it for anyone over 35 or so. You don't need to get into kidney failure territory, but kidney stones, infections, etc, are all a reality, and the older we get, the tougher this gets.

Anyway, my weight pretty much always sits at 185-188--somewhere around there, but I can quickly get a gut if I'm not careful, despite working out quite hard 3-5 days a week. I've helped guys cut weight, however, and I've pushed myself down to 175 by simply doing the following:

  • No breads
  • Cut to one coffee a day
  • No milk or milk products
  • No eggs or egg products
  • No fried foods or pork, ever
  • Lots of veggies
  • No orange juice (this is important, as it's practically impossible to cut weight drinking orange juice)
  • Get your sleep
  • Lots of water. Just water. No sodas or sports drinks. Just water. Maybe with some lemon thrown in.
  • And eat garlic to keep the kidney stones away (and I eat turmeric and a tea spoon of coconut oil for my old bones)
Obv, this is NOT doctor's advice, heh heh. But if I stick to the above, the weight comes off over a couple of months and I feel great. This is with doing a lot of box step exercises (not like Crossfit, but footwork exercises) and pretty hard workouts with maybe five to six rounds of bag work, as well as15 minutes straight of shadowboxing and supp exercises that you do--rollouts, neck work, that kind of thing. But actually, I do that three or four days a week anyway, so I think mostly it's diet. If I work out hard and stick to the above (even if I eat too much meat), the weight comes off.

If I don't stick to the diet, I can do a zillion rounds a day, and I don't really lose weight. Even an extra croissant or two and the gut starts coming back.

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