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Robert Garcia breaks down Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence

The longtime trainer shares his thoughts on the upcoming welterweight clash.

During this video interview with respected trainer Robert Garcia, Garcia gives us his thoughts on the upcoming welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence. Garcia shares a bit of his perspective on the style matchup and explains why he thinks the fight could go either way.

Garcia on who he thinks win Pacquiao-Spence

“I do think Errol wins but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pacquiao pulls it off, honestly. Pacquiao’s a warrior, just by taking the fight he’s showed that he’s one of the best in history and he’s got the speed, he’s got the power, he’s got the experience. I think he could pull it off.”

On the belief that Pacquiao might have a more difficult style matchup going against another southpaw

“I think it is tougher. If you look at his boxrec he hasn’t fought many lefties. I think he did earlier in his career but most of his opponents — I’m not saying he’s avoiding lefties but for some reason most of his opponents never been lefties. It might be the case but Manny’s style, his speed, his power could surprise anybody. And if he lands he can hurt anybody so I wouldn’t be surprised if Manny pulls it off.”

On his assessment of Spence

“Errol’s very smart, man. He’s a basic fighter, you know, he does everything correct. Whatever we tried (in the Mikey Garcia fight) he was ready for. He’s not a flashy guy, he doesn’t look like some of those guys where you’re like ‘wow, did you see that?’ No. He’s a very basic guy but he does everything right. If it’s defensively, if it’s aggressively, whatever it is, he does everything correct.”

On who has the power advantage

“I would probably say the power, probably go with Pacquiao. I probably go with Pacquiao, but Spence is very smart, it’ll be hard for Pacquiao to land also but it’s a good fight, I’m actually excited about that fight.”

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