I would like to preface this by owning that I think I would get my arse molly whomped at any weight by any given pro boxer at 115 lbs and above.

I lost 25 lbs since May 2021. I got up in the 180's pretty quickly without even trying once I moved to Nebraska and my body started adapting to the chili + cinnamon bun plate special on every menu. Plus my body's desire activate into wintertime hibernation low metabolic states. In houston, as a weight lifter who scaled 160 and worked out with 205 on the bench no spotter three sets of eightish, I found it impossible to gain weight no matter how hard I tried. Heaviest I ever got to I almost reached 170 lbs before my body got sick from trying and gave up in my 30s.

Fast forward a few years.

I moved to Nebraska and I have not been able to wear the clothes I brought with me since I moved here until now, clothes I bought in my 20s mind you. I came very close to giving up and giving all my nice clothes away many times. 160s to 180s doesn't seem like a big deal but the redistribution is very real. I don't work out or exercise at all anymore. I bought new wrangler jeans from walmart much bigger than the wranglers I wore into Nebraska. I ripped them both in the buttocks at my office job and embarrassed myself in the process and the fact that happened in consecutive weeks didn't make it any less funnier.

Anyways I finally activated my metabolism by grazing on negative calories all day long and eating a nice piece of meat ie steak or tenderloin or chicken quarter for dinner. I look lean now but still maintain my 8 to whatever count per day of keystone light habit. I look lean but a sock to the stomach would shatter my existence into a glittery cough.

I want to walk around and maintain at 154 but I would imagine for my body type and disposition my ideal boxing weight would be 135. My god this fanpost reads like it was written by mikey garcia.

I have always wanted to try a cut during fight week to experience the experience. I have watched documentaries on the cut and the nature of the brutality. On a shoestring these pro athletes cut weight in motel 6 hotels across middle of nowhere america with the same stubbornness and the same level of resources as the guy two rooms over cooking crystal meth from cough syrup. I think that opportunity for me to try cutting is long gone now. Seems dangerous for me to even try this now without the facilities or the foundation to attempt for the first time at my age.

What is your walk around weight? What do you think your ideal boxing weight is? What are your own experiences with weight gain and loss and goals? What are the outrageous cuts you have seen or heard?

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