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Joseph Diaz Jr aiming for statement victory over Javier Fortuna, wants Devin Haney next

Diaz says he’s had the best training camp of his life and is looking to stop Fortuna this weekend.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Leading into this weekend’s lightweight fight between Joseph Diaz Jr and Javier Fortuna, Diaz talks to reporters about this fight as well as where Diaz will be looking to go in the future should he come out with a win. Check out what Diaz had to say below.

Diaz on facing Fortuna

“This is not an easy challenge that I’m accepting. I mean I’m going out there and facing a guy that a lot their favorite fighters are ducking and fearing like this guy is a boogeyman, but I’m going up to challenge him at 135lbs, his weight, and I’m planning on going out there and stopping him. I had a great, great training camp and I’m ready to go out there and make a statement.”

On Gervonta Davis’ latest win and if he’d be interested in facing him

“I mean Gervonta Davis is a helluva fighter, man. I think he can compete at 140, 135, even 130 just depending on the opponents that he wants to face and how big of a fight it is...of course after this Javier fight I would love to challenge Gervonta Davis, we already exchanged words in DMs before so I’m up for the challenge and I know that he will too, we just gotta build up the fight and build up the hype and hopefully we can get it on by the end of this year.”

On if he plans on remaining at 135 after facing Fortuna

“If the fights are right. I mean if I get the Devin Haney fight or if I get a Gervonta Davis or Ryan Garcia fight at 135 I’d love to take on those challenges...I want people to see how good I am at 135. I honestly think that this is the weight that I’m going to be comfortable at, where my power, my strength, my speed is all gonna be there.

“But like I said, I can move down to 130 too, it just all depends on the fights. I still want to fight Oscar Valdez, Jamel Herring, there’s Shakur Stevenson as well that’s making major noise at 130lbs and he’s a good friend of mine, he’s a good fighter and it’s a good fight for all the fight fans. So if those opportunities arise and were to be made up, shit, let’s make it happen.”

On which one name he wants most

“I want Devin Haney next, man. I want Devin Haney next, especially because we’re fighting for the WBC interim title and Devin Haney’s at his prime right now, and I’m in my prime...Devin Haney was saying ‘Jojo Diaz’s a bum’ (on Twitter) because he was probably seeing all the interviews that we were doing. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good fighter but I don’t speak nothing but truth.

“Devin Haney’s one helluva fighter but he hasn’t beaten anybody to be a top, top #1 fighter at 135lbs. Jorge Linares is a good fighter and a good step up, but Jorge Linares was already getting out of his career, man. Jorge Linares is not in his prime anymore and I feel like guys like myself should actually get that recognition and if he fights me I know he’s gonna get the respect but I’ll beat him.”

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