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Paul vs Woodley: Tyron Woodley reacts to split decision loss to Jake Paul

Woodley believes he deserved to be on the winning end of the split decision.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Immediately following his split decision loss to Jake Paul last night, Tyron Woodley appeared at the post-fight press conference to discuss the bout and how he felt about the contest. Woodley tells reporters that he felt he deserved the edge in the split decision as he believes he had Paul in retreat the whole night. Check out some of what Woodley had to say below with the full post-fight press video in the link above.

Woodley on his immediate impression of the fight

“I was in his face, I was in his shit (pause), and his back was against the ropes the entire time and I was walking him down. Could’ve been a little bit more assertive, I was patient, I was seeing my shots but I didn’t want to be antsy — he got an overhand right and may have landed a couple times. I know he threw a lot, missed a lot, I blocked a lot. I feel great in my conditioning, I mean I fuckin’ felt amazing out there cardio-wise. My body felt good. Even when he landed a hard shot I knew I was in great shape and when you in condition for it you’re able to absorb more.”

On if he felt Paul’s power

“Look at my face, do it look like I felt somebody’s power? I got hit with a shot but this is boxing, how am I supposed to not get hit. I don’t have one cut on my face, I look just as pretty as I went in, coming out. I never touched the canvas, he was the only one close to touching the canvas...I believe the rope actually held him up.

“I thought I won, to be honest. I was surprised it was a split decision. I thought it was close, I thought he had won some rounds. I thought early the rounds was close and if I could go back I would kick myself because I could’ve made it a little bit more convincing but I was trying to feel him out. I was trying to take my time, I knew he would throw a lot of jabs, I was just gonna see how he was gonna react to feints and pressure.

“I wasn’t surprised when they said it was a split, I knew it was kinda close, but I thought it was gonna be me...I had him hurt, I had him tired a couple times and I didn’t press him a little bit. I should’ve pressed him a little bit more but I was — my last fight I had a guy on the ropes and I went ape shit on him, I was going crazy and I got snuck with a punch so I was just trying to be a little bit more smart.”

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