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Conor Benn: Adrian Granados can’t beat me on my worst day

The fight was previously scheduled for last month.

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Paul Harding/PA Images via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Conor Benn says there’s no doubt that he was disappointed when his fight against Adrian Granados was postponed last month due to a positive COVID test, but with the fight rescheduled for September 4 — just days away — Benn is eager to do what he knows best.

Benn doesn’t intend on drumming up a war of words leading into the fight, instead preferring to let his actions speak for him.

“I don’t have a message for Granados. I don’t. There is nothing to say. I let my fists do the talking,” the second generation fighter said. “Everything that has been said from both parties has been said now. At the end of the day the promo is done. All that’s left to do now is fight, and he is in for one hell of a fight. I know he’s going to bring it — but that gets me going. Let’s have it!”

Benn says he’s prepared for a hard fight and is willing to earn his respect from his peers between the ropes, but feels that Granados doesn’t have anything for him.

“He’s a tough durable guy, the only person to stop him is Danny Garcia. He won the fight against Adrian Broner. He gave hell to Shawn Porter. He fought Robert Easter Jr. He’s been in with the top boys, but he’s in with another top boy. I just want to fight now. I just want to get in there now,” Benn said.

“[Samuel] Vargas was going, ‘Well yeah, you’re not Khan, you’re not Vergil Ortiz, you’re not Errol Spence, you’re not Danny Garcia,’ nah I’m Conor Benn, mate. That’s my approach — if they don’t want to put respect on my name then I’ll make them put respect on my name. At the end of the day I’m up for a hard fight, but I’ve got his number on my worst day.”

At age 24, Benn (18-0, 12 KO) is most recently coming off a knockout win over veteran Samuel Vargas in April. Granados, 33, last fought May when he battled Jose Luis Sanchez to a majority draw.

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