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Andrew Moloney looks forward to settling score with Joshua Franco, regaining world title

Moloney and Franco go head-to-head for the third time this Saturday.

Terence Crawford v Kell Brook Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

This weekend super flyweight Andrew Moloney will once again take on Joshua Franco for the third time and Moloney is looking to settle his business with Franco once and for all.

The two originally met in a highly competitive bout in June 2020 where Franco would do enough to take WBA title. In the rematch last November Moloney came in much better prepared and was largely working Franco over before the bout was stopped due to significant damage to Franco’s eye which was ruled to have come from an accidental headbutt although it actually came from a punch.

That couldn’t have been more unfortunate for Moloney, who is still aggravated that he lost out on his chance to regain his world title — at least for the moment — telling RingTV that he should have the belt around his waist right now.

“I have absolutely no doubt that his eye was closed from a punch and I should have won that fight by TKO,” Moloney told The Ring. “I’m sure Franco and his team all know that as well. It still makes me angry that the commission didn’t overturn the referee’s decision when it was so clear that there was no head-clash and the damage was done by a punch.”

Moloney would continue by saying that he’s pumped for the chance to finally right that wrong and move on with his career as he expects to be able to deal with whatever Franco brings to the table this time around.

“I know his style very well,” said Moloney. “He brings pressure and throws a lot of punches, but I’m very confident I can continue doing what I did in our second fight and I will win this fight comfortably.”

With a win here Moloney will get the closure he deserves in this series but a loss would likely be even more devastating as it will push Moloney back a long ways.

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