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Bob Arum blames media for negativity surrounding Oscar Valdez’s failed drug test

Arum says Valdez never did anything wrong and that all the media talk is just noise.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the aftermath of Oscar Valdez’s decision win over Robson Conceicao this past Friday, under the backdrop of suspicion and ire because of Valdez testing positive for a banned substance leading into the bout, Valdez’ Top Rank promoter Bob Arum tells Fight Hub that the whole issue was blown out of proportion and that Valdez has done nothing wrong. Check out what Arum had to say on the subject below.

On if Valdez is vindicated with his win over Conceicao

“Look, it’s not a question of vindication, it’s not a question of anything — it’s a question of the law. These boxing commissions have signed off to WADA just the way the Olympics have, just the way most sports (have) and that means there are substances that are banned only in competition. And this was a substance that’s banned only in competition. So nobody really had any maneuverability legally to prevent him from fighting.

“This is all really something that is blown out of all proportions by the media. Now, maybe there’s an argument that this substance should be banned in and out of competition, but that’s a different story! That’s not what the law is now. People have to respect the law, and the law is this substance is okay outside of competition — which means the day before and the day of, period, end of story. Everything else is just noise.”

On how he would guide young fighters to deal with these types of situations

“The fighter has to have a good promoter who like in this instance where the law is on his side, is gonna stand up and tell people what the law is. Period and end of story. Oscar Valdez did nothing wrong. Even if he did — which I don’t believe — consciously took this substance out of competition he was breaking no law.”

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