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Joshua vs Usyk: Timothy Bradley and Andre Ward break down heavyweight title fight

Bradley leans towards Usyk while Ward thinks Joshua will take the fight.

Richard Commey v Jackson Marinez - Fight Night Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During an ESPN State of Boxing segment, hosted by Bernando Osuna, Timothy Bradley, Andre Ward, and Mike Coppinger, both Bradley and Ward weigh-in on the matchup and discuss why they think this is going to be a difficult fight to predict the winner of. Check out some of what the former world champions had to say on the upcoming heavyweight title fight below.

Timothy Bradley on Joshua-Usyk

“If (Usyk) stays on the outside I think Joshua’s going to line him up with his right hand, line him up with his left hook, and things are going to be very difficult for him in this fight. And so it’s a great fight, I would say it’s a great fight — I don’t know who’s going win this fight. Like I said, I’m going for the underdog in this particular fight, I’m going to go with Usyk. I think he might pull off the upset. Like I told you guys before, one of these guys in one of these fights — either Wilder’s gonna win the fight or Tyson Fury’s gonna win...I don’t think we get to see the Joshua-Fury fight in the near future.”

Andre Ward on Joshua-Usyk

“It’s a tough fight to call. Some days I feel like Anthony Joshua is going to go out there and be too big and too strong, any Usyk will have moments but they just won’t be enough. Other days I feel like Usyk, with his movement, his boxing ability — even though he’s a blown up heavyweight, he’s not a natural heavyweight — he’ll still find a way to make things frustrating for Anthony Joshua where he’s missing and he’s countering. I can see him outboxing Anthony Joshua.

“But today I feel like Anthony Joshua will win this fight, and I think it will be in an ugly fashion. I don’t think there’s a pretty way that Anthony Joshua can win this fight unless Usyk just gets tired, neglects defense, and gets caught with a big shot. I see Joshua having a stylistic nightmare early on and then clawing his way back into the fight, finding a way to land just enough punches and outworking Usyk just enough, just enough, to where he can win an ugly decision and maybe even a controversial decision.

“Very difficult fight to call and it’s not a foregone conclusion that Joshua’s gonna win but today, fellas, I’m leaning towards Anthony Joshua.”

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