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Bryan Jennings refuses vaccine requirements, pulled from October 22nd Oscar Rivas rematch

Jennings hasn’t fought since a 2019 loss to Joe Joyce

Boxing at The O2 Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

The WBC’s long-suffering inaugural bridgerweight title fight has taken yet another blow. Yvon Michel, who promotes top-rated Oscar Rivas, announced that foe Bryant Jennings has refused to get vaccinated or follow Canada’s mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated travelers despite a contractual mandate. He’s thus been pulled from his October 22nd rematch with Rivas in favor of an unrevealed “ranked fighter,” whom TVA Sports’ Jeff Jeffrey claims is #11 Jerry Forrest.

Quebec instituted a vaccine passport system earlier this month, outlining specific activities (including indoor combat sports) that require proof of vaccination. It had been publicly on the table since at least July, so Jennings (24-4, 14 KO) had plenty of time to air his grievances or make arrangements.

Instead, he took to social media before and after the announcement to plead his case; highlights include calling the requirement “unethical,” claiming he won’t get vaccinated because of undefined “discrepancies,” and claiming that while the contract explicitly says that he has to abide by Quebec’s public health rules, they can’t “up and make requirements.” He’s also loaded his “Likes” with blatant misinformation, including everyone’s favorite dogwhistle: “globalist agenda.”

I suppose he does deserve some credit for taking the inherently stupid title fight and somehow out-dumbing it. Props for sticking to his morals of letting a debilitating disease propagate unchecked, I guess.

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