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Dana White mocks Oscar De La Hoya’s MMA fighter pay as “hypocritical” in profane rant

White dug up the Athlete Payoff Sheet from a June 9th De La Hoya MMA event

MMA: SEP 21 UFC Press Conference Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages
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Earlier this week, Michael Woods shared the latest update in the years-long feud between Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White. Tonight brought a new attack from Dana White, and he’s gone lower than ever before.

How could it get any uglier than calling De La Hoya a “crack head” and a “fucking cokehead nut junkie?”

I’ll tell you how: Dana White brought “Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” into it.

Speaking tonight at a post-fight press conference for UFC’s “Dana White’s Contender Series,” White went on a more than 15 minute long profane tirade blasting De La Hoya as a hypocrite for criticizing UFC fighter pay. White passed out copies of a California State Athletic Commission Athlete Payoff Sheet showing that the 18 MMA fighters who fought on the non-boxing side of the “Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” card earned a total of $36,500 in gross purse, and $33,870 in net purse after fees and fines for the June 9th event.

For anyone who missed “Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” when it originally aired? You’ve missed your chance, as the video is no longer available on Stadium and a second episode has not yet been announced. But, remember: I watched it so you didn’t have to. And, I can tell you that the presentation was far below the level of a top shelf boxing or UFC MMA pay-per-view.

But, I can’t tell you for sure how it stacks up to entry-level UFC action. And White went out of his way to point out how several of the MMA fighters involved in “Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night” earned “less than [UFC] pay[s] kids on the Contender series.”

Over the course of his rant, White called De La Hoya, among other choice epithets, a “fucking loser,” an “asshole,” a “scumbag,” a “dickhead,” and both a “sack” and a “piece of shit.”

MMA Junkie live-streamed the press conference on YouTube, and thank goodness they did. You can watch starting from the first mention of De La Hoya here:

For anyone who doesn’t have 15+ minutes to spare, or doesn’t want to risk such salty language assaulting the ears of an employer, spouse, or impressionable child? Here’s my selection of the choicest quotes from White’s tirade:

“He is a lying, two-faced, hypocritical sack of shit. And I hate him so much, that I love to prove that he is a lying, hypocritical, two-faced piece of shit.”

“You pay fucking Canelo a shitload of money, whom you couldn’t even hold on to.” [...] “You have fucking one that mattered, you couldn’t keep him.”

“Does he still have Ryan Garcia? Yeah? Alright, good for him. It’ll be another two weeks before he fucking loses that kid, okay?”

“I just despise him so bad!”

“Look at a lot of choices this guy’s made in his life. He gets away with a lot of shit.”

“He accomplished a lot of great things in boxing. Outside of the ring? The guy is an absolute fucking loser. He’s a liar and many other things.”

“The problem with Oscar De La Hoya is Golden Boy is fucking tanking.”

I’m no fan of Dana White, but I can obviously appreciate a good burn at the expense of “Oscar de la Hoya’s KO Entertainment Presents Bally’s Fight Night.” And tonight brought us one hell of a burn.

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