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Jake Paul challenges Dana White to improve fighter pay and revenue sharing in UFC, says he’ll retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in UFC

Following a Dana White challenge to Jake Paul, Paul has thrown one back to White and UFC.

Jake Paul has made his own challenge to Dana White and UFC
Jake Paul has made his own challenge to Dana White and UFC
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With UFC boss Dana White recently looking to get some headlines out of a challenge to Jake Paul — that Paul could test White for cocaine for 10 years if White could test Paul for steroids for two years — the young celebrity/fighter has thrown one back to White, focusing on fighter pay, healthcare, and revenue sharing in UFC.

If White meets Paul’s challenge by March 31, Paul says he will retire from boxing, sign up for USADA drug testing, and do a one-fight deal with UFC to face Jorge Masvidal in the Octagon.

Obviously, this is not going to happen. No matter how much White might love to get one over on Paul, that’s a lot of money to spend on a little social media beef.

But it shows the savvy of Jake Paul, too — the kid is not a dummy, and he knows very well that this sort of challenge to White will get people once again talking about the pay scale and business practices of UFC.

He also ended his statement with the sort of message that both encourages and trolls UFC fighters.

“To all UFC fighters,” Paul wrote. “Time to take a stand and create value for yourselves and peers. You deserve higher pay, you deserve long term healthcare, and above all you deserve freedom. Support each other. I am not your enemy, I am your advocate...who selfishly wants to KO a few of you to make some big bank.”

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