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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: An eager Kell Brook says Amir Khan will only be a mere memory after they fight

Brook believes Khan has been signaling that he won’t be 100% for their fight but doesn’t want any excuses.

Kell Brook says he’s waited too long for a fight against Amir Khan to let this opportunity to beat him up slip by.
Kell Brook says he’s waited too long for a fight against Amir Khan to let this opportunity to beat him up slip by.
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Former welterweight titleholder Kell Brook says he’s extremely motivated now that he’s finally secured his long sought grudge match with rival Amir Khan, but doesn’t particularly like some of the things Khan has been throwing out in the media about coping with lingering pain and injuries that all top level athletes must persevere through. For Brook, Khan is throwing some negative energy out there and says that he’s prepared to show up to fight Khan even with two broken hands if need be.

“He messed about when we got contracts over the line. Now we’ve got a date, let’s make this fight happen. I want him to turn up on February 19, the best he can be. The fans have been waiting too long. I’ve been waiting too long. I’m more than ready to show the world that I’m the best. After this fight, Amir will be a mere memory.”

Brook would then point towards Khan’s recent allegiance to Team Crawford, with whom Khan will be training in preparation for this fight. Brook says he expects their lack of familiarity with one another will prove problematic going against him and his trainer Dominic Ingle, who have been together seen Brook was a teen.

But even more than that, Brook says he’s putting himself through hell in camp for this chance at Khan, believing that people will ultimately remember him for this fight which has been many years in the making.

For their Feb. 19 meeting both Khan and Brook are scheduled to meet at an agreed 149lbs, with six figure penalties in place for each pound over the agreed limit. Brook reasons that he’s always made weight before and that everything is on track for him to make weight again in a healthy fashion.

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