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Rolando Romero speaks on his plans following sexual assault allegations

Romero expresses his frustration about losing out on a chance to fight Gervonta Davis.

Following the recent news that lightweight Rolando Romero would not be charged for allegations of sexual assault, Romero took to his social media account to air out his feelings on the matter. Romero had been lined up for the biggest opportunity of his career to face Gervonta Davis in a Showtime PPV headliner, but was pulled from that fight after accusations were made against Romero leading into that fight.

“How could any of you guys ever doubt me?” Romero rhetorically asked during an Instagram live steam. “Everything is great now, and we’re on to great things now, and I’m happy. I’m happy that we’re on to great things.

“You guys don’t know, I haven’t really been vocal about how I felt about this entire situation but I done got fucked in this situation. And I hope it stands out to other fighters that just as easy as some bullshit happened to me, it can happen to them as well, and there’s no repercussions for people who do shit like that to you. And that’s the sad part.

“I mean, I don’t wanna pull no race card or anything but I’m a darker skinned male and that person was a lighter skinned person and it’s very rare that things like this go good for the darker skinned male, and we know that.

“I was gonna buy my mother a house for Christmas, you know. I had so many fuckin’ goals, I had so many fuckin’ dreams and shit, you know, being taken out of my opportunity to become a star. And hopefully I’m able to get that opportunity back. But people don’t realize how fucked up this situation actually was because it was my opportunity. And a lot of people, even after Gervonta’s last performance, say I would’ve won that fight and I would’ve hurt him and I would have knocked him out. It pisses me off even more because it was my dream, and I got my dream taken from me.

“And like I said, I hope it can all come back the way I want it to. I really hope that can all come back.”

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