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Jaron Ennis looking to have a breakout year in 2022

Ennis has already proven himself to be a legitimate threat, now he just needs the big fight to prove himself a worthy champion.

Jaron Ennis took some time to chat with Fight Hype about his current position in the boxing landscape and what he’ll be looking to accomplish this year, emphatically stating that he fully intends to be a major world titleholder by this fall before he goes on to unify the division. There’s no question that there’s some mouth-watering fights for ‘Boots’ in the 147lb division, and he fully intends to force his way into matches the current crop of champions might not be to eager to take on. Check out some of what Ennis had to say below.

Ennis on his goals for this year

“2022 is gonna be the best year of my career so far and it’s time for us to shine and take over the welterweight division. We just waiting on a date right now and when that date get locked in and when that opponent get locked in we’re gonna continue showing the world why I’m the best fighter out, the best fighter in the world, period.

On what we can expect to see from him by this time next year

“This time next year I will at least have two belts if not all the belts — that’s the goal. This is the year for me to take over and I’m expecting to at least get one belt this year and then on to the next and then bigger and better, try to be undisputed welterweight champion, and then go do the same thing at 154 and ‘60, so this the start right here.”

On if he believes he’s being avoided at 147

“I mean, I don’t know what’s going on at the end of the day. I’m here, I’m ready. I’m ready to fight any and everybody...I’m ready and I’m willing. Those guys (Crawford and Spence), they know, that’s why they won’t take a fight like me. But they all great fighters but at the end of the day everybody gotta eat and like I said before, this is the start. They can’t keep putting me to the side, I’m going to make my statement in this boxing game, in this welterweight division, and I will start this year.”

On his prediction for his 2022 campaign

“I’ll at least be ranked #1 in one of the belts or have one of the belts by October. That’s the goal and I will be world champion this year. It’s no more games, I’m not playing, I’m here to take over this division.”

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