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Bob Arum talks status of potential Shakur Stevenson-Oscar Valdez bout, believes it’s nearly done

Arum says both teams were amendable to making the fight and he’s hoping to get signed contracts back shortly.

Bob Arum shares his insight into a big 130lb fight.

During a video conversation with Fight Hype, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum took a little time to discuss the current status of the negotiations for a 130-pound unification bout between Shakur Stevenson and Oscar Valdez. According to Arum, he thinks the fight is nearly over the finish line and if so we should be getting a formal announcement sooner than later. Check out some of what Arum had to say on the topic below.

Arum on where negotiations stand between Stevenson and Valdez

“Pretty good. I think it’s done...our business affairs guy and general counsel has sent out the contracts and we’re anticipating they’ll come back signed. (We’d be targeting) MGM Grand on April 30th.

“It’s important, it’s a really big day because it coincides with the NFL draft which this year will be held in Las Vegas. So there will be hundreds of thousands of people come in to be part of the draft and when the fight goes on, the draft either is over or at least over for the day.”

On how he feels about the fight

“I think it’s a good matchup. Both camps want it and it’s, in a lot of ways, a credit to us as well as the two fighters because they’ve had all their fights with Top Rank and now it’s a big showcase fight.”

On Stevenson really pushing to make this fight happen

“We wouldn’t have done it if Valdez was reluctant. Eddie Reynoso wanted that fight as well.”

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