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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Kell Brook reveals rematch clause, suggests Amir Khan insisted upon it

It took years for this fight to come together, but could we potentially see a second before you know it?

Brook says he’s more than willing to hand Khan a second beating but doubts he’ll want it.
Brook says he’s more than willing to hand Khan a second beating but doubts he’ll want it.
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

After many many years of back-and-forth talk in the media between rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook, the pair will finally get a chance to settle their dispute inside the ring on Feb 19. But now Brook has openly revealed that there’s actually a rematch clause in their contract should Khan lose this fight — something Brook suggests to Sky Sports that Khan was particularly keen on.

“I believe there is a rematch clause and I’m not sure that he’ll want to take that rematch clause or not with what I want to do to him in this fight,” Brook told Sky Sports News. “I leave it to my manager, my dad and to my team,” Brook said. “All I’m interested in is this fight. I do know that there’s going to be a rematch if Amir Khan wants that. If Amir Khan wants another beatdown he can have one.”

Leading into this bout Khan has aligned himself with Team Crawford and has been training out of Omaha and Colorado Springs, telling the boxing media that the hard training has him in top physical condition and ready to put on a show against Brook. Khan wouldn’t directly say that he was the one who insisted on a rematch clause for this fight, but did openly confirm its existence by reasoning that if this is such a good fight that fans want, why not place a mechanism to make a potential sequel easy to come off.

Khan and Brook will collide next month in a grudge-match long overdue, and with both sides confident in a comprehensive victory headed their way, both are doubtful the other would even want to go through with a second fight.

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