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Mario Barrios tells Keith Thurman to be ready as he’s bringing bad intentions into their fight

Barrios says he wasn’t disheartened by his loss to Gervonta Davis for long and is ready to make a statement against Thurman.

During this video interview with Ray Flores, Mario Barrios discusses his upcoming welterweight bout against Keith Thurman and bouncing back from his first loss to Gervonta Davis. Barrios takes on Thurman on February 5th and shares some of his thoughts leading into the fight. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Barrios on if there’s too much emphasis on fighters keeping an undefeated record

“I think there definitely is. I never go into a fight expecting a loss or even preparing for one, even given the last fight. I went in there doing what I could to secure that victory but right now, especially in boxing, there’s a lot of great fighters who aren’t fighting each other, but that’s not what I’m trying to be like. That’s why I’m taking the fights nobody else wants to take. That’s why I’m getting these fights with dangerous opponents and I just want to keep bringing that excitement to the sport of boxing and the world of sports in general.”

On having an aggressive style and not looking to play it safe in fights

“Every time I step into the boxing ring, I’m in there, I’m throwing with bad intentions. I like to say I’m a pretty nice dude outside of the ring but inside the ring I’m in there to hurt you, to do what I have to, to make sure that I walk out victorious.”

On his message to Keith Thurman

“All I’ll say is make sure you’re ready because come February 5th, I’m coming.”

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