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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Amir Khan ready to prove his superiority over longtime rival

Khan says his confidence is at an all-time high working with Team Crawford for this fight.

A grudge match many years in the making is set to finally go down on Feb. 19.
A grudge match many years in the making is set to finally go down on Feb. 19.
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

We’re now just over a month away until the overly marinated grudge match between UK rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook is set to take place on Feb. 19 in Manchester, England. With contracts now being signed, both fighters will have the opportunity to settle their longtime disdain for one another in between the ropes, and Khan tells Sky Sports that he’s feeling as good as he ever has at any point in his career.

“I’m more confident. The way I’ve gone into training camp, and had a few sparring rounds with Crawford, and my sparring work and pad work with Bo-Mac and everyone, it’s back,” Khan told Sky Sports News on Tuesday. “I feel like when I was 25, 26, and at the peak of my career.”

That should be reassuring for fans of Khan as his professional prime was over a decade ago, and if he’s able to recapture any of that for this impending battle, well, that should just make for a better product inside the ring. Khan does want to make sure, however, not to get overconfident, but says with the way things are going there’s no way Brook can beat him.

“I can’t see Kell Brook beating me. I’m a better skilled fighter, I’ve been in there with better opposition, but look, come fight night, it’s time to show my skills off.”

Khan would follow up by thanking the fight fans for supporting this fight with their ticket purchases for an event that quickly sold out, and Khan doesn’t want any of them leaving the arena without getting their money’s worth.

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