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Chris Eubank Sr speaks about divide with son over Conor Benn fight

Chris Eubank Sr laments that his son, who idolizes Floyd Mayweather, won’t take his advice rather than chase the flash and flare.

Chris Eubank Sr says he’s separated himself from his son’s boxing career since Jr feels he knows better.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Although it seems plans to stage a 157 lb catchweight fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn has only been postponed rather than altogether scrapped following Benn’s positive drug test, Chris Eubank Sr speaks out about his ongoing rift with his son — who seems intent on following through with this bout against his wishes.

Eubank Sr on opposing the fight between his son and Conor Benn at 157

“I made it very clear three months ago that this fight isn’t going to happen because he’s my son; I’ve got to protect him,” Eubank Sr. said. “These people are attempting to murder that boy. And it’s clear to me, but it’s not to anybody else, if you are a fighter and if you’ve lived the life of a fighter, if you know what it is to lose weight.

“My son’s been brought up good in boxing, but he doesn’t want to listen...I said ‘I don’t think you should have the fight, you get the same money for fighting Liam Smith, then you have Billy Joe Saunders, then you have Canelo. That’s your career.’ And these guys you can beat because you’re a magnificent fighter. But unfortunately Junior doesn’t understand, he doesn’t believe in me. I believe in him but he doesn’t believe in me. And sadly, it’s come to the point where — when you no longer care it means I’ve let go.

“He manages himself and he looks after himself, and I say ‘fine.’ I’ve done nothing. I’ve done nothing but gift this young man a career, a name, a face. The respect that I’ve garnered from all those years, those 24 world championship fights. Never mind the wins, just look at the losses. Look at the men that I had to beat. And then what? I’m gonna have my boy tell me how to do this?! He’s gonna tell me he’s boss?! He just doesn’t appreciate how good things have always been.

“You’ve got people you aspire to be like. He picked Floyd Mayweather Jr because he shows the bling, he shows the planes, the shoes, the money. He shows the girls, he’s got clubs. I admire the man, he’s a brilliant and fabulous fighter. I admire him as a fighter. As a man, don’t talk to me about him...Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali — they’re men. They lead by example. You’re teaching my boy to be a bling bling kid, he’s looking up to you, Mr. Mayweather. No.

“And so that’s why he didn’t listen. And now the world is looking at him as though he’s a greedy little pig and I tried to keep him away from that, but he wouldn’t listen. And you can’t hear, you gon’ feel.”

Eubank Sr on if he thinks Conor Benn is a cheater

“When I look at a fighter I look at the spirit in the man. Conor, he would’ve had no idea — in my view — of what they would suggest he would have. I’ve seen them do it. I’ve watched them. These are men who are going to be rooted out of this game, because it’s not fighters, they’re PE teachers. I respect them but not when they’re harming fighters, because when I look at Conor Benn, in my view, that’s a pure young man.

“I told Nigel (Benn), ‘don’t come to these speaking engagements, it’s going to be too much pressure on you because you let them lead your son into a pit, a snare — that boy’s clean, he’s a clean man and a great fighter. But you have toddlers looking after us fighters. Toddlers, these guys you call managers and promoters. These guys — I’m coming. For. You! Yuh! You tried to murder my boys! I’m coming for you!

“Right. So sorry. I got a little bit carried away...when you’re 33 years old, to get down three pounds beneath that middleweight limit — it’s madness, but he won’t listen...I’ve already lost one son and it’s not happening, and it didn’t happen. Yeah, and I had very little to do with that.”

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