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Haney vs Kambosos 2 final press conference video and quotes

Devin Haney and George Kambosos Jr are two days away from their rematch, and spoke at their final presser today.

Devin Haney and George Kambosos Jr are two days away from their rematch
Devin Haney and George Kambosos Jr are two days away from their rematch
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Devin Haney and George Kambosos Jr are just about set for this weekend’s rematch, with Haney returning to Australia to defend the undisputed lightweight championship in Melbourne.

Here’s what the fighters had to say at today’s final press conference.

Devin Haney

“The name of the game is to hit and not get hit. I’m a student of the game, so that’s what I follow. I might be one of the best defensive fighters in boxing, but (in this fight), I look to show more offense.”

“(Pound-for-pound) is an opinionated list, at the end of the day. I’m a solid all-around fighter, the youngest undisputed in boxing, so I should definitely be on the list. But it is what it is. My main focus right now is facing George Kambosos, and after that, we can talk about the pound-for-pound list.”

“They’ve been quiet, but every time they open their mouth, it’s a different excuse. They talk this quiet stuff, but keep making up excuses. Now it was the coach, then it was the referee ‘cause I was holding. Every excuse in the book. Why did you fire your whole team if that was the case? If truly you feel like I was holding too much, why did you fire your whole team?”

“All my words are loud. I speak it for the world to hear. We’ll see who’s the better fighter, and I will show once again that I am.”

On criticisms of the first fight being boring: “What am I gonna be mad that it was a one-sided fight? That’s what I’m supposed to go in there and do my job. If it’s one-sided, it may be boring to you, but that’s OK. That means I executed the game plan correctly and won the fight. It is what it is.”

“There’s a lot of big fights out there to be made. I’ve been calling for Loma for a while now, but my main focus is getting past George Kambosos, then we can talk about what’s next.”

George Kambosos Jr

“I’m physically and mentally focused on this moment right now. Nothing else matters. Whatever was said or done, I’m zoned in on this moment. Nothing will break my focus, nothing will break this tunnel vision I have now.”

“We’re a small team, a small operation, but fully zoned in and fully embedded on victory. We’ve been left alone in this camp. No distractions, just focused on one thing. That’s the way I’ve always done in my career, except for the last fight. I’m looking forward to doing all my talking (in the ring).”

“Boxing is all about sacrifices. You need to make the extra sacrifices. It gives me that edge. I don’t even have my kids here this whole fight week, and for the fight they’ll be home. I put in my work. I was in my gym, living there. The dedication, the sacrifices, the discipline — it’s all about what gives me that mental edge to get back on top.”

“I’m on weight right now. No problems. I’m very hydrated, eating very well. I did not cut one corner. They’ll see tomorrow when I weigh in how well conditioned physically I am, and most important, mentally, as well. No distractions. Just ready for a great fight and a great victory. Back to the old ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos.”

“There’s no excuses. Whatever they’re saying, that’s no problem. Whatever they’ve done in their preparation is on their mind. We’re zoned in on one thing and everything is perfect on our side.”

“The changes have been made. You learn from your losses and come back a better fighter. I’ve looked at certain things and I’ve gone back to my roots as well. We’re just focused. I’m not going to do give anything away. Let’s see who laughs last. That’s what I’ll say.”

“He’s got a fantastic jab, but we’re putting fantastic work to evade not only his jab but whatever he tries to bring. It doesn’t matter. Did I let him jab too much? Yeah, he’s got a great jab. But that’s why boxing is the sweet science, and it’s the unknown, as well. That’s why we love this sport so much. They don’t know what I’m about to bring, and I don’t know what he’s about to bring, he might bring this Arturo Gatti type of style supposedly. He talks about the pound-for-pound list, he wants to get in and throw a lot of offense. We’ll see.”

On there being less media present for the rematch: “It’s nice and relaxed. How my camp has been, how this whole week has been, nice and relaxed. ... Everything has been fantastic. That’s what boxing’s about, giving the world a great show.”

“I’ve gone back to my roots. We’ve taken it old school, but we have brought in a lot of new school methods, as well. We feel very comfortable in our preparation. In the dark and in the trenches, we put in the work.”

“I believe (there will be a trilogy). It’ll be 1-1 after, and we’ll sit down and see what he wants. He’ll probably want to be off to 140 by then. Probably his time at 135 will be done. But we’ll see. I’m focused on this fight only, no other moment, no other third fight. None of that. For him, there’s a lot of guys hunting him now, calling him out. You’ve got Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Lomachenko, who’s an amazing champion. They all want his head, I’m just laying back.”

Watch the Haney vs Kambosos 2 final press conference

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