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Schofield vs Rosas full fight video highlights and results: Floyd Schofield blasts Daniel Rosas in 97 seconds

Floyd Schofield obliterated Daniel Rosas in his Golden Boy premiere.

Floyd Schofield obliterated Daniel Rosas in his Golden Boy premiere
Floyd Schofield obliterated Daniel Rosas in his Golden Boy premiere
Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy
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There’s nothing wrong with a relatively soft showcase for a 20 year old in his main event debut for a major promoter, especially when the young man has been fighting an average of every two months as a professional. He just has to make sure to put on a showcase performance, and Floyd Schofield certainly delivered on his end of the bargain tonight on Golden Boy Fight Night, wrapping up the show in fast and impressive fashion.

Schofield faced Daniel Rosas, a man who started out as a pro when Schofield was just five years old, and who fought as small as 113 pounds when Schofield was still in elementary school. Rosas started out probing with the jab, but Schofield wasted no time backing Rosas into the ropes and unloading on his ribs. Rosas never really threw a serious punch again, working instead to cover himself and withstand a relentless flurry of hard punches from Schofield.

Schofield ended the fight with a short, sharp left hook to the chin of Rosas. It looked scary in the moment, but fortunately Rosas was up quickly and exited under his own power.

This won’t be the sort of win that makes the case for a hall of fame vote, but it’s a very nice little highlight reel finish for Schofield, and a great start to the Golden Boy phase of his young career.

Schofield said after that he wants to try and get in the ring one more time before the end of the year, and he’ll take on anyone willing to step in against him, calling out Keyshawn Davis and Marc Castro by name.

Anabel Ortiz UD-8 Maria Santizo

The biggest issue on the women’s side of the sport is the smaller pool of pro talent, and the talent disparity between legitimate top fighters at most weights. Anabel Ortiz and Maria Santizo weren’t mismatched on talent, but the experience gap was significant. Ortiz (33-5, 4 KO) was the WBA junior flyweight champion for about twice as long as Santizo has been a professional boxer. Ortiz used that experience to dictate the pace and distance, and largely control a respectable but increasingly one-sided fight.

Santizo (10-2, 6 KO) spent the early going trying to land a step-in, looping tomahawk overhand right, but with little success. Ortiz alternated between staying out of range and crowding Santizo, forcing her off-balance and frustrating Santizo’s attempts at using power to her advantage.

Santizo was never embarrassed, or hopeless in this fight. But, Ortiz looked to be a good 10-15% better than her, and demonstrated it in almost every individual round. Judges had it unanimously for Ortiz, on cards of 79-73, 78-74, and 77-75.

Joshua Garcia UD-4 Christian Lorenzo

20 year old Joshua Garcia didn’t have a fun or easy time of it, but he survived a tough challenge in a very entertaining four rounder against Christian Lorenzo.

Lorenzo (3-4, 1 KO) was fighting for just the second time after a seven and a half year layoff, and showed no fear or hesitation in the early going, marching straight ahead for the first two rounds. Lorenzo kept the fight at short range, maintaining his composure through heavy punches in return from Garcia.

Garcia (6-0, 3 KO) wasn’t shaken or rattled, but couldn’t keep the space to really create his own offense. He had his greatest success in the fourth, getting Lorenzo on the ropes midway through the round and doing quality work there. Judges were unanimous for Garcia, and no real objections here, but Lorenzo did quality work in every round and made it a fight from beginning to end. A draw card or two wouldn’t have been out of the question, either.

Jorge Estrada MD-4 Sergio Gonzalez

Jorge Estrada (4-0, 3 KO) had to go past the first round for the first time in his career, and may have learned a few lessons about defending in the clinch as a professional. But, he was never really threatened by a survival-focused Sergio Gonzalez (6-12-1, 2 KO).

Estrada pressured in the second when the opportunity was there, and Gonzalez’s gritty veteran tactics allowed him to land a few nice punches in the third. The draw card feels a bit generous to the challenger, but Estrada either didn’t have a plan for stopping a low engagement opponent, or didn’t feel the need to push for it in a fight I felt he largely controlled.

Eric Tudor TKO-2 Ramon Marquez

Eric Tudor (6-0, 5 KO) earned his sixth win of the year, and third on a Golden Boy Thursday show, with a second round stoppage against Ramon Marquez (5-3, 5 KO).

Marquez was in trouble after taking some heavy body shots early in the second, and wound up getting knocked down on body hooks twice in the round. Marquez got up twice, tried to power through despite bleeding from the nose, but the referee stopped things pretty quickly once Tudor caught Marquez in the corner and started unloading again.

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