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David Benavidez talks upcoming showdown with Caleb Plant

The fight doesn’t yet have a set date, but David Benavidez expresses his excitement as he finally lands a big name opponent.

David Benavidez says his upcoming fight with Caleb Plant is more personal than business.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

David Benavidez appears to be on the verge of finally securing a big fight he’s been desperate for now that he’s reached an agreement to face Caleb Plant. As of now there’s no official fight date, but that seems to be more of a logistical matter than any real hurdle to making the bout happen at this point, so Benavidez takes some time to chat with Fight Hype about his thoughts on the fight.

Benavidez on the importance of having a good showing against Plant to entice Canelo to fight him after

“Just to be clear, I don’t care about Canelo. This fight, (for) me, is 100% personal with Caleb Plant. I’m really looking to go in there and beat the fuckin’ shit out of him. That’s my plan. I don’t care about no decision, I don’t care about nothing. My plan is to go in there and do what I know I can do to Caleb Plant, and that’s going to be put a beating on him worse than Canelo.

“I don’t know if you heard but the WBC made it mandatory for whoever wins this fight between me and Caleb, they have to fight Canelo. So I’m never worrying about the fight after, I’m always more focused for the fight that I have right now.

“Mentally, I’m very motivated. I’m very excited. I feel like I’m getting into the second chapter of my career. The first one was winning the belt and all that, the second one is actually fighting PPV and fighting the best out of the best so I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever comes.”

On how hard it will be for him to fight disciplined considering he has personal emotions mixed in

“I mean, it’s not (hard) because that’s not how I fight. I don’t just go put everything in one round. That’s not my style...I’ve been around a while so I know how to control myself. So that’s not a problem. But what’s really gonna go down is me following the game plan, and just because I say I’m gonna punish him, gonna beat the shit outta him, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be smart with it. If you look at all my other fights, that’s what I do to everybody else, so I know how to control it, I know how to contain that beast.

“When I say ‘I’m gonna go beat this shit outta Caleb Plant’ that means that this training camp is gonna be crazy. I’m gonna be working extremely hard every single day for this training camp so that I know my body is in conditioned to throw as much — if I have to throw 1000 punches in this fight, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

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